M is for 'M'olasses!

For our first full week in the new year, the preschool has been zooming in on Diversity and why it is important. This week, the children took the time to acknowledge and list differences and similarities between themselves and their peers. The children learned that although we may appear different on the outside, we are all equal on the inside. We all have a heart, feelings and the need for love and warmth. 

On Monday, the children designed masks for letter 'M' and worked on classroom table activities that also started with the letter 'M'. Some of those activities included magnets, MagnaTiles, Memory game, Mix & Match puzzles, and so much more.

On Tuesday, Mr. Eric made instant snow for the children to explore. It was awesome seeing the power instantly fluff up into "snow" once it was mixed with water! With the crazy rain and cold weather this week, we decided to bring snow into the classroom!

This week, the children designed and created Mittens by using markers and paper because we are definitely experiencing Winter weather these past few days! We then asked each child why they like the winter season and wrote down their answer on their mitten!

Today, the children made homemade Molasses cookies and enjoy them with a small cup of milk. Yum! What a treat! They were each able to smell all the spices in the recipe such as cinnamon, ground cloves and ground ginger! There is nothing better than drinking milk and enjoying a warm cookie!

Next week, the children will be turning their focus over to letter 'N'! Please begin brainstorming words for the word list on the board!

**Please check out the list of important dates!**

Have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy the long weekend :)

J is for 'J'icama, 'J'am, and 'J'elly!

What a week! We cannot believe that our first full week of December is already done. Letter 'J' was very exciting in our classroom. We shared and learned many new words beginning with the letter, as well as practiced writing it.

This week, we began decorating our classroom and preparing it to look a lot like Christmas! Our classroom tree looks amazing with all the family projects hanging! The ornaments will remain on the tree until December 16th. You are then free to take yours home and hang it on your tree!

For our food presentation today, the children sampled Jicama, strawberry jam and grape jelly. Jicama was definitely interesting, but surprisingly, the children LOVED it. They compared it to a flavorless pear or apple. They were pretty accurate! After, we discussed the difference between jam and jelly. Jam has actual chunks of fruit in the jar. Jelly is made from the juices of the fruit. After we sampled both, the class voted that they preferred to have jam! What a surprise!


I is for 'I'cecream!

What a fun week in preschool!

This week, we focused primarily on mastering how to write our names. By using dry erase markers and laminated sheets with our dotted names, the children practiced tracing over the names several times. This is a wonderful way for children to practice writing their name and learning control over the writing tool.

The letter of the week was "I". We pulled out the musical instruments and it was a party! The children explored different instruments and the sounds they make. It was a great time!

This week, we learned about the Advent wreath. The children visited the house of God and got to see the wreath up close. It was definitely beautiful. In the classroom, the children began designing a class wreath and their own wreath candles!

To end a chilly week, the class made ice cream! It was really fun, as each child had a chance to shake up the bag and help firm up the ice cream. After about 10-15 minutes of shaking (and freezing our fingers) we each enjoyed a small serving of vanilla ice cream. Yummmm! It was delicious! Weekly food presentations are the best!

Thanksgiving Feast! 11/23/16

Thank you to everyone who came and joined in on our class Thanksgiving feast! We definitely did not expect to have so much food. It was ALL so delicious! It was wonderful to have so many families in the classroom. Next year, we will be sure to host our feast in the Church Hall!

We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Enjoy the photos :)

H is for 'H'ummus!

This week was an awesome packed week in Preschool! 

On Monday, we began brainstorming words that begin with the letter 'H'. On just the first day, the class came up with close to 60 letter 'H' words! Amazing! The children practiced sounding out the letter, writing the letter in the air with their index fingers, and writing the letter on paper. We ended the week with a total of 86 words!!

On Wednesday, the children participated in a yummy food tasting! Mrs. Carla made homemade hummus from scratch and talked about the main ingredient, garbanzo beans! She was so excited to share all about her favorite snack, as she grew up eating it all the time. You can find hummus in any Middle Eastern household at any time, on any day! The hummus came out pretty delicious! The children enjoyed the yummy dip with pita chips! What a treat!

On Thursday, the children attended P.E and met with their big buddies! During their time together, they created Thanksgiving placemats that the children will be using at our class potluck next week. After the placemats were completed, they colored Thanksgiving coloring pages together! To end their one hour session with their buddies, everyone enjoyed a Thanksgiving Trail Mix that Mrs. Carla put together. It included: Bugles chips (to look like miniature cornucopias), autumn edition candy corn, raisons, dried cranberries, Fall colored M&Ms, and pretzels. It was such a delicious treat to enjoy while listening to a Thanksgiving story!

On Friday, everyone came to school all dressed to impress for their photos! It was so cute to see all the children in their best clothes and excited to take a photo!

Thank you to everyone who submitted a Family prayer for your November project! I have read over all of them and they are beautiful and thoughtful. Instructions for December's family project will be out soon!

**Please take a look at the important dates! December's calendar has already been posted on the preschool website. It will be posted in the classroom next week.**

We are so excited for our preschool Thanksgiving feast! Thank you to everyone who has signed up to bring an item. We are sure everything will be DELICIOUS! Yum! 

E is for 'E'eeeeeek!

Letter E: October 24-28th 

This week, the children focused on the Letter 'E'. Writing the lowercase and uppercase form of the letter became a little tricky, as they look completely different! The children also learned the short and long sounds of 'E'. That made it so much easier when it came time to brainstorming words for the board. This week, we came up with 42 words! Not bad for the letter 'E!'

On Monday, the preschoolers matched up with their big buddies from 6th grade and walked over to the Pumpkin Patch at Spruce School. It was awesome seeing all the buddies hunting for the best pumpkins in the patch!

On Wednesday, the Family Projects were due and we began our presentations. They look wonderful! If you haven't seen them yet, they are posted above the cubbies. Please check them out when you can! The teachers and I were so blown away by the amount of effort put in by the children and families. For the past few weeks, the class has been zoning in on our five senses and it really showed through the projects! Wonderful job, everyone! Pretty soon, we will be sending out November's family project. We can't wait to see how those turn out!

On Thursday, the children participated in P.E and visited church. During P.E, the teacher focused many of the activities around their five senses. She is great about tying in our lessons to her activities and games! The class loved it! On this day, Mr. Eric lead the class presentation for the letter 'E' week and mixed together 'E'wwwwy-gooey Flubber! The flubber was so fun to play with - even I found myself at the table for 10-15 minutes getting my hands stuck with the children! It was a little difficult thinking of something for the children to sample this week, so we decided on something they can use their five senses differently. (Touch and smell!) The flubber will be passed out on Monday to kick-off Halloween and the beginning of letter 'F' week!

Today, the children decorated paper bags for Halloween! They wrote their name on a ghost for the front of the bag, and used markers, crayons and Halloween stickers to embellish the bag! On Monday, the teachers will throw in some Halloween goodies for the children to take home! If your family would like to contribute something for the bag, please drop it off in the morning and the teachers will take care of it later on. Some ideas are... Pencils, erasers, tattoos, stickers, nut-free candy and chocolates, etc.

Thank you all for another fabulous week!

**Please take a look at the list of November important dates. The Calendar tab has been updated, as well!**

D is for 'D'ragon Fruit!

Letter D: October 17-21st

Letter 'D' week was such an exciting week in preschool. We explored and studied just about EVERYTHING you can think of that begins with the letter D.

On Monday, the children started the week by practicing how to write the letter D in lowercase and uppercase form. Letter D could be tricky at times.. as it looks just like a 'b' but backwards! 

On Tuesday, our preschool began discussing decorations that would be appropriate for the month of October and of course... HALLOWEEN! Our friends practiced cutting straight lines and strips of orange and black paper to later create paper chains! Not only did this practice cutting and glueing loops for the chains, they did an awesome job at patterning the orange and black loops!

On Wednesday, Ms. Marci made homemade play-'dough' for the class to play with. It turned out awesome! Be sure to ask her for the recipe if you would like to make it at home! :) Using the play-dough, the children creating the letter 'd' and 'D', as well as the other three letters we have covered so far.

On Thursday, the preschool classed planned on doing a dinosaur activity that required warm water, but unfortunately, the water pipe broke during construction and our water was taken from us until 12:30p! Instead, we moved that activity over to Friday. In the morning, the children had a great time (as usual) at PE and then visited church right after for this normal Thursday routine.

Today, Mrs. Carla brought in 'D'ragon Fruit that she noticed was now available at Safeway. Dragon Fruit is seasonal and is usually found during the early Fall time. Dragon Fruit was something new for her and many of the children in the classroom. After our brief presentation about the beautiful fruit, the class voted on what color they thought the fruit would be inside. Many friends guessed that it would be pink, blue, yellow, or red! Once we cut it open, we were surprised to see that it was pure white with a ton of black seeds in there that you can eat. (Very similar to chia seeds!) If you have never tried White Dragon Fruit, head on over to Safeway and try one today!

Show & Tell for the letter 'D' was great! We saw many dogs, dinosaurs and dragons! Very good, preschool! We can't wait to see what letter 'E' has to offer!

**Thank you for signing up for conferences so quickly and easily. If you need to choose a new time, please feel free to do so through the sign-up link in the email invitation. If you DO change the time, don't forget to cancel your first choice!**

For the Cancer Awareness Fundraiser, preschool raised a total of $44.00! Woo-hoo!

**Please be sure to take a look at the list of important dates!**

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me!

C is for 'C'arrots!

Letter C - October 11-14th

This week, the children focused on the Letter C. As they practiced sounding out the letter and writing it, the children started brainstorming a new list of words that begin with the Letter C! This week, the class generated a class of about 90 words! Amazing! Each week, our amount of words keeps growing and growing! We are hoping to hit 100 words next week for the letter D! :)

For our food tasting this week, Mrs. Carla picked up a handful of rainbow carrots from the market. The children were able to see, smell, touch, and taste the colorful carrots! The purple carrot was quickly chosen as the class favorite. After the carrot tasting, the class got to enjoy a bit of ranch with the carrots left over. Mmmmm! What a game changer, that was!

Friday was such a rainy day at school, so we stayed inside and had a ton of fun! After morning meeting, the class watched a short 25 minute video about Curious George, a little monkey who needs to learn to be more cautious! After, our 6th grade buddies visited our classroom for a meet-and-greet before we walk over with them to the Pumpkin Patch on October 24th. Our big buddies generated a list of questions to ask their little buddies to get to know them better and to hopefully find a few things they have in common. Then, our preschoolers illustrated self-portraits while our big buddies drew pictures of things their partner likes. At the end of our time together, everyone enjoyed chocolate chip cookies (Yum! Triple C word!) baked by Mrs. Carla earlier in the morning and read books with one another. What a treat! 

Next week, the children will be focusing on the letter 'D'! Please continue to practice writing the letters of the week at home and talking about words that begin with the letter. A great way to figure out words is to go on a little hunt around the house. This weekend will be perfect for that - as it should be a rainy weekend! It is so exciting to see our list grow on the board and the children love it too!

**Please don't forget to take a look at the list of important dates listed on the right! Monday the 17th is a minimum day and we do not have extended care that day!**