C is for 'C'arrots!

Letter C - October 11-14th

This week, the children focused on the Letter C. As they practiced sounding out the letter and writing it, the children started brainstorming a new list of words that begin with the Letter C! This week, the class generated a class of about 90 words! Amazing! Each week, our amount of words keeps growing and growing! We are hoping to hit 100 words next week for the letter D! :)

For our food tasting this week, Mrs. Carla picked up a handful of rainbow carrots from the market. The children were able to see, smell, touch, and taste the colorful carrots! The purple carrot was quickly chosen as the class favorite. After the carrot tasting, the class got to enjoy a bit of ranch with the carrots left over. Mmmmm! What a game changer, that was!

Friday was such a rainy day at school, so we stayed inside and had a ton of fun! After morning meeting, the class watched a short 25 minute video about Curious George, a little monkey who needs to learn to be more cautious! After, our 6th grade buddies visited our classroom for a meet-and-greet before we walk over with them to the Pumpkin Patch on October 24th. Our big buddies generated a list of questions to ask their little buddies to get to know them better and to hopefully find a few things they have in common. Then, our preschoolers illustrated self-portraits while our big buddies drew pictures of things their partner likes. At the end of our time together, everyone enjoyed chocolate chip cookies (Yum! Triple C word!) baked by Mrs. Carla earlier in the morning and read books with one another. What a treat! 

Next week, the children will be focusing on the letter 'D'! Please continue to practice writing the letters of the week at home and talking about words that begin with the letter. A great way to figure out words is to go on a little hunt around the house. This weekend will be perfect for that - as it should be a rainy weekend! It is so exciting to see our list grow on the board and the children love it too!

**Please don't forget to take a look at the list of important dates listed on the right! Monday the 17th is a minimum day and we do not have extended care that day!**