D is for 'D'ragon Fruit!

Letter D: October 17-21st

Letter 'D' week was such an exciting week in preschool. We explored and studied just about EVERYTHING you can think of that begins with the letter D.

On Monday, the children started the week by practicing how to write the letter D in lowercase and uppercase form. Letter D could be tricky at times.. as it looks just like a 'b' but backwards! 

On Tuesday, our preschool began discussing decorations that would be appropriate for the month of October and of course... HALLOWEEN! Our friends practiced cutting straight lines and strips of orange and black paper to later create paper chains! Not only did this practice cutting and glueing loops for the chains, they did an awesome job at patterning the orange and black loops!

On Wednesday, Ms. Marci made homemade play-'dough' for the class to play with. It turned out awesome! Be sure to ask her for the recipe if you would like to make it at home! :) Using the play-dough, the children creating the letter 'd' and 'D', as well as the other three letters we have covered so far.

On Thursday, the preschool classed planned on doing a dinosaur activity that required warm water, but unfortunately, the water pipe broke during construction and our water was taken from us until 12:30p! Instead, we moved that activity over to Friday. In the morning, the children had a great time (as usual) at PE and then visited church right after for this normal Thursday routine.

Today, Mrs. Carla brought in 'D'ragon Fruit that she noticed was now available at Safeway. Dragon Fruit is seasonal and is usually found during the early Fall time. Dragon Fruit was something new for her and many of the children in the classroom. After our brief presentation about the beautiful fruit, the class voted on what color they thought the fruit would be inside. Many friends guessed that it would be pink, blue, yellow, or red! Once we cut it open, we were surprised to see that it was pure white with a ton of black seeds in there that you can eat. (Very similar to chia seeds!) If you have never tried White Dragon Fruit, head on over to Safeway and try one today!

Show & Tell for the letter 'D' was great! We saw many dogs, dinosaurs and dragons! Very good, preschool! We can't wait to see what letter 'E' has to offer!

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For the Cancer Awareness Fundraiser, preschool raised a total of $44.00! Woo-hoo!

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