E is for 'E'eeeeeek!

Letter E: October 24-28th 

This week, the children focused on the Letter 'E'. Writing the lowercase and uppercase form of the letter became a little tricky, as they look completely different! The children also learned the short and long sounds of 'E'. That made it so much easier when it came time to brainstorming words for the board. This week, we came up with 42 words! Not bad for the letter 'E!'

On Monday, the preschoolers matched up with their big buddies from 6th grade and walked over to the Pumpkin Patch at Spruce School. It was awesome seeing all the buddies hunting for the best pumpkins in the patch!

On Wednesday, the Family Projects were due and we began our presentations. They look wonderful! If you haven't seen them yet, they are posted above the cubbies. Please check them out when you can! The teachers and I were so blown away by the amount of effort put in by the children and families. For the past few weeks, the class has been zoning in on our five senses and it really showed through the projects! Wonderful job, everyone! Pretty soon, we will be sending out November's family project. We can't wait to see how those turn out!

On Thursday, the children participated in P.E and visited church. During P.E, the teacher focused many of the activities around their five senses. She is great about tying in our lessons to her activities and games! The class loved it! On this day, Mr. Eric lead the class presentation for the letter 'E' week and mixed together 'E'wwwwy-gooey Flubber! The flubber was so fun to play with - even I found myself at the table for 10-15 minutes getting my hands stuck with the children! It was a little difficult thinking of something for the children to sample this week, so we decided on something they can use their five senses differently. (Touch and smell!) The flubber will be passed out on Monday to kick-off Halloween and the beginning of letter 'F' week!

Today, the children decorated paper bags for Halloween! They wrote their name on a ghost for the front of the bag, and used markers, crayons and Halloween stickers to embellish the bag! On Monday, the teachers will throw in some Halloween goodies for the children to take home! If your family would like to contribute something for the bag, please drop it off in the morning and the teachers will take care of it later on. Some ideas are... Pencils, erasers, tattoos, stickers, nut-free candy and chocolates, etc.

Thank you all for another fabulous week!

**Please take a look at the list of November important dates. The Calendar tab has been updated, as well!**