B is for 'B'anana Bread!

'B' week was such an exciting week here in our preschool classroom. On Monday, the class began brainstorming words that started with the 'B' sound! After only 10-15 minutes, the class generated a list of about 52 words! The teachers and I were SO impressed and excited to see such a long list of words!

This week, the children participated in activities that would help strengthen their fine motor and gross motor skills - all while still focusing on words that had to do with the letter 'B'. They practiced blowing bubbles, bouncing bouncy-balls, and sorting different types of beans using the classroom tweezers! We have some athletes in our classroom!

On Wednesday, the teachers and I held a bean tasting! I chose 4 different beans for the class to try: pinto beans, kidney beans, garbanzo beans, and black beans. While using their five senses, the class explored the different types of beans and voted on which bean they enjoyed the most. Although they loved the color of the kidney bean, they LOVED the black beans. Many friends even asked for seconds!

Today, the children shared their items that they brought for show and tell. A few items that the children brought were: baby dolls, Big Ben toy, a baseball, and a bracelet! It was so exciting to see the children bring in items that begin with the letter of the week. We can't wait to see what they will bring in for letter 'C' next week! For snack, I also made my special banana bread recipe for the class to enjoy! Of course, I added chocolate chips for an even sweeter treat! They loved it! YAY!

Next week, the children will be turning their focus over to the letter 'C'. This weekend, continue brainstorming words that begin with the letter 'C' and practice sounding it out. If you have any down time at home, grab a piece of paper and have your child practice writing the letter or drawing a picture of something that begins with the letter. If your child would like, have them bring it to school and show it to me in order to receive a sticker! This activity is not mandatory but great practice for the upcoming week!

The All Souls School Parish Festival begins this evening and continues through Sunday. Don't forget to bring your baked goods (purchased or home made) to the Cake Booth inside the Parish Hall. Once you drop it off, don't forget to sign in your name and classroom in order for the preschool to receive the credit! Have a wonderful time and stay safe at the c-arnival! 

**Please review the list of important dates for the month of October**

Have a great long weekend!

Thank you,

Mrs. Carla