H is for 'H'ummus!

This week was an awesome packed week in Preschool! 

On Monday, we began brainstorming words that begin with the letter 'H'. On just the first day, the class came up with close to 60 letter 'H' words! Amazing! The children practiced sounding out the letter, writing the letter in the air with their index fingers, and writing the letter on paper. We ended the week with a total of 86 words!!

On Wednesday, the children participated in a yummy food tasting! Mrs. Carla made homemade hummus from scratch and talked about the main ingredient, garbanzo beans! She was so excited to share all about her favorite snack, as she grew up eating it all the time. You can find hummus in any Middle Eastern household at any time, on any day! The hummus came out pretty delicious! The children enjoyed the yummy dip with pita chips! What a treat!

On Thursday, the children attended P.E and met with their big buddies! During their time together, they created Thanksgiving placemats that the children will be using at our class potluck next week. After the placemats were completed, they colored Thanksgiving coloring pages together! To end their one hour session with their buddies, everyone enjoyed a Thanksgiving Trail Mix that Mrs. Carla put together. It included: Bugles chips (to look like miniature cornucopias), autumn edition candy corn, raisons, dried cranberries, Fall colored M&Ms, and pretzels. It was such a delicious treat to enjoy while listening to a Thanksgiving story!

On Friday, everyone came to school all dressed to impress for their photos! It was so cute to see all the children in their best clothes and excited to take a photo!

Thank you to everyone who submitted a Family prayer for your November project! I have read over all of them and they are beautiful and thoughtful. Instructions for December's family project will be out soon!

**Please take a look at the important dates! December's calendar has already been posted on the preschool website. It will be posted in the classroom next week.**

We are so excited for our preschool Thanksgiving feast! Thank you to everyone who has signed up to bring an item. We are sure everything will be DELICIOUS! Yum!