I is for 'I'cecream!

What a fun week in preschool!

This week, we focused primarily on mastering how to write our names. By using dry erase markers and laminated sheets with our dotted names, the children practiced tracing over the names several times. This is a wonderful way for children to practice writing their name and learning control over the writing tool.

The letter of the week was "I". We pulled out the musical instruments and it was a party! The children explored different instruments and the sounds they make. It was a great time!

This week, we learned about the Advent wreath. The children visited the house of God and got to see the wreath up close. It was definitely beautiful. In the classroom, the children began designing a class wreath and their own wreath candles!

To end a chilly week, the class made ice cream! It was really fun, as each child had a chance to shake up the bag and help firm up the ice cream. After about 10-15 minutes of shaking (and freezing our fingers) we each enjoyed a small serving of vanilla ice cream. Yummmm! It was delicious! Weekly food presentations are the best!