J is for 'J'icama, 'J'am, and 'J'elly!

What a week! We cannot believe that our first full week of December is already done. Letter 'J' was very exciting in our classroom. We shared and learned many new words beginning with the letter, as well as practiced writing it.

This week, we began decorating our classroom and preparing it to look a lot like Christmas! Our classroom tree looks amazing with all the family projects hanging! The ornaments will remain on the tree until December 16th. You are then free to take yours home and hang it on your tree!

For our food presentation today, the children sampled Jicama, strawberry jam and grape jelly. Jicama was definitely interesting, but surprisingly, the children LOVED it. They compared it to a flavorless pear or apple. They were pretty accurate! After, we discussed the difference between jam and jelly. Jam has actual chunks of fruit in the jar. Jelly is made from the juices of the fruit. After we sampled both, the class voted that they preferred to have jam! What a surprise!