Welcome to our first official blog of the school year! On behalf of the team and I, we are so excited to dive full force into this new school year and create memories with all of you and your children. We have such an amazing group of children this year. We look forward to all the great days ahead of us!

Preschool has been a very exciting place for all of us lately. We have officially hit the one month mark which means.... Time to REALLY begin and get down to business. The first few weeks of school, we focused on helping the children adjust to their new environment and creating friendships with their classmates. While coming to preschool was a bit of a struggle to several friends the first couple weeks, EVERYONE now arrives to school happy and ready to learn! That makes all of us so happy to see, as we are all ready and eager to teach!

A few skills that we have been covering the first month of school have been: proper hand washing, sitting "criss-cross apple sauce", raising a quiet hand, learning the Pledge of Allegiance and meal time prayers, recognizing basic shapes and colors, learning the days of the week, and SO much more. It is amazing how far they have come in just one short month. We are looking forward to see them progress throughout the school year!

Check out the photos below

for a glimpse of a day in our shoes!

Beginning next week, the preschools will start covering one alphabet letter per week. On Monday, September 26th, we will begin with the letter "A". We will practice sounding it out, writing it, drawing pictures of things that begin with the letter, as well as brainstorming words that begin with the letter. On Friday September 30th, the children are asked to bring a show & tell item that begins with the letter! We know that it will be A-mazing ;)