A is for 'A'pple!

September 26-30th: LETTER A!

This week, the children explored the Letter A! At the start of the week, the class started a list of Letter A words. Each day, the children would brainstorm different words to add to the list! This week, we came up with 30 words! That's A-wesome!

While writing and tracing is new to many of our friends, the children practiced writing the letter in uppercase and lowercase form. To continue this practice at home, there are many online websites that offer free activity sheets for children to trace and practice their letters! This is a great activity for children to do while hanging out at home or waiting for dinner to finish! Why not practice writing the letter of the week?!

On Wednesday, the teachers and I held an apple tasting. We picked out three bags of different apples: Red Delicious, Granny Smith, and Honey-crisp! They all tasted great, but the Red Delicious was an overall favorite! The green apples were much too sour and our friends found the honey-crisp to be a little too sweet! This was a great opportunity to introduce the handy apple slicer to the class. My goodness - how easy is that apple slicer? The children were so surprised, as they 'Ooooo' and 'Wowwwwwww' as Ms. Marci sliced away.

After slicing up the apples for our taste tests, Ms. Marci showed the class how to make a star with the apples. She first sliced an apple around it's center. Voila! A star appeared where the seeds once lived :) She then sliced an apple from it's stem all the way down to the bottom. The children were able to see how cutting an apple open could make the biggest difference! A star didn't appear after the first cut. The class agreed that they LOVE seeing the star. Cutting the apple around it's center is the way to go!

After cutting up the apples, the preschoolers created apple prints using the star core and apple halves that were left over from our apple tasting. Using Autumn colors, the children made beautiful apple designs! 

On Friday, Mrs. Carla prepared a delicious treat for the children to enjoy at the end of 'Letter A' week. Using her favorite kitchen accessory, the infamous Crockpot, she prepared an 'Apple Crisp Cake'! The teachers topped off each warm serving with a little bit of whip cream! WOW! What a way to end the week!

**Next week, the children will turn their focus over to Letter B!**