M is for 'M'olasses!

For our first full week in the new year, the preschool has been zooming in on Diversity and why it is important. This week, the children took the time to acknowledge and list differences and similarities between themselves and their peers. The children learned that although we may appear different on the outside, we are all equal on the inside. We all have a heart, feelings and the need for love and warmth. 

On Monday, the children designed masks for letter 'M' and worked on classroom table activities that also started with the letter 'M'. Some of those activities included magnets, MagnaTiles, Memory game, Mix & Match puzzles, and so much more.

On Tuesday, Mr. Eric made instant snow for the children to explore. It was awesome seeing the power instantly fluff up into "snow" once it was mixed with water! With the crazy rain and cold weather this week, we decided to bring snow into the classroom!

This week, the children designed and created Mittens by using markers and paper because we are definitely experiencing Winter weather these past few days! We then asked each child why they like the winter season and wrote down their answer on their mitten!

Today, the children made homemade Molasses cookies and enjoy them with a small cup of milk. Yum! What a treat! They were each able to smell all the spices in the recipe such as cinnamon, ground cloves and ground ginger! There is nothing better than drinking milk and enjoying a warm cookie!

Next week, the children will be turning their focus over to letter 'N'! Please begin brainstorming words for the word list on the board!

**Please check out the list of important dates!**

Have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy the long weekend :)